Unexpected Source of Expenditures

Often at the beginning of the month, we do spending planning for a month to help us live frugally. The list is checked repeatedly until we are very sure that we will be able to save a large amount. But when at the end of the month we review the list of plans with our actual expenses. And the results are always just greater spending than planned. Why did this happen? Because there are always sources of unexpected expenses every month.

Unexpected expenses can be in any form. Everyone has their own burdens, therefore unexpected expenses cannot be equated. But there are some things that are generally a source of unexpected expenses.

1. Sick
There is no one who has never been sick and no one can predict when he will fall ill. Illness can come at any time, whether we are having a lot of money or less money. Therefore, we must be on guard with our money. And most important, always happy, yes, because a happy heart is the most effective medicine.

2. Disaster
Just like a disease, disaster comes without planning. When disasters come, the expenses that must be spent become large. Problems will get worse when you don’t have money to solve them. The disaster in question is like a house fire, damaged vehicle, flooded, etc.

3. Discounted Goods
Discounted prices are really very tempting, especially if the goods have long sought. That’s when we have to take a tough decision, which is to keep restraint because it’s not a need, or just buy it because the opportunity doesn’t come twice. Whatever your choice, think first before buying. Remember how your finance condition is, and how much you need the item. Do not regret it after buying it.

4. Cellular Phone Credit
The cost for credit is often inflated because sometimes we unconsciously use it for things that are not useful. Pulses are usually considered trivial so we don’t think before using them. This makes the pulses swell. Use credit for things you need, for example to call parents, talk about important things, and if not important, use a cheaper, even free method of communication.

5. Hobbies
Here it is expenses that are usually excessive. Doing a hobby is very fun, so much fun, this can make us forget about how the condition of our bags. This quality that wants to continue to satisfy our desires can have a negative impact on our lives later. When money is used up because all are used to channel a hobby. Better, budget some of the money to be channeled into your hobby every month, so spending can be more controlled.