2 Data Science that Can 코인선물!

What are some examples of Data Science that can 코인선물? Come on, let’s discuss it together!

1. E-Commerce

Nowadays, people shop more digitally or through what we usually know as marketplaces.
Almost everyone uses marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and Bukalapak.
Now online sellers will automatically adjust their storefronts based on the buyer’s data profile.
By changing the page layout and adjusting the selling products automatically and in real-time.
Some online shops also adjust prices based on the consumer’s income profile which are called personalized prices.
This technology is one of the applications of Data Science.

2. Fraud Detection

Detecting fraud is an important part of any financial industry.
Data Science and AI are the two sciences that are often used here.
Even minor breakdowns and annoyances can lead to financial losses.
Real-time predictive analysis helps in improving fraud detection as well as cyber security.
With the help of Data Science, companies can provide more effective financial services.
This technology helps to identify potentially fraudulent transactions made in each activity.
And it will also help to block sessions or accounts if the unusual financial activity is detected.

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