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The Ultimate Checklist Of Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Do you have all of the necessary restaurant kitchen equipment and supplies? Check off each item on this list to ensure that your restaurant kitchen is ready to go. Kitchen equipment is essential when outfitting your restaurant. Consider your menu and what you’ll be cooking daily to determine which items on your restaurant kitchen equipment list are essential for your kitchen. The following list is intended to provide an overview of various types of cooking equipment that you may require for your restaurant, with various options for each category such as laundry equipment, steam stable, microwave, etc rotaryana.

1. POS (Point of Sale) System (POS)

The point of sale, or restaurant POS system, is essential to the smooth operation of a restaurant. Waitstaff or front-of-house cashiers can use this system to enter customers’ orders into a computer or tablet, which communicates with the KDS in the kitchen so that cooks know what to prepare. The POS can also communicate with a cash register and track customers’ orders as well as tally checks for payment.

2. The steam table

A steam table is the best option for keeping sauces and prepared food warm throughout the service. Warm water is used in this type of equipment to keep food in metal containers warm and safe for hours at a time.

3. Cleaning supplies

Cleaning and washing equipment are essential in any restaurant kitchen. Always keep griddle brushes, mops, sponges, brooms, absorbent hand towels, and commercial-grade cleaning solutions on hand.

4. Microwave

With all of the kitchen equipment required to run a restaurant, microwaves are frequently overlooked. However, it is unlikely that you will be cooking everything in your kitchen from scratch every day, necessitating the use of a commercial microwave. Microwaves are useful for steam cooking, reheating pre-cooked items, and defrosting.

5. Ice machine

You’ll need a dependable commercial ice machine whether you’re serving drinks at the bar or making sure every guest has a cold glass of water when they sit down. Look for an ice machine that includes an ice bin so that ice is always available for your staff to use. Consider the type of ice you require, such as cube ice or nugget ice, based on the end use.